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As a KITCHEN DESIGNER company in Amish Country, we strive to give you the best custom cabinets for your kitchen, office, bathroom, laundry room, and more. From initial contact with the customer to the final step of installation we do all we can to make your custom cabinets design process a hassle-free experience. To make it easier for both us as the kitchen designer and you as the customer we follow a 3 stage process and an 8 step plan.

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Three Stages of our Kitchen Design


Initial Contact & Consultation

Meet our Designers

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Planning & Designing

Envision the Possibilities

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Building & Installation

Enjoy the Beauty

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                  Our Kitchen Design Process

1. Getting Acquainted

What do you want to know about us as a kitchen designer and our products? What do you want us to know about you?

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2. Choosing Design

What custom cabinet design are you looking for? Which style appeals to you?

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3. Gathering Ideas

What special features are you looking for in your custom cabinet?

Which Trim Design?

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What Finish Color?

Additional Features?

4. Plans Submission

Upload your plans! Submit either your architect’s plans, upload your own sketches, or hire our kitchen designer.

After you submit your plans we may request additional info as needed to help guide you and to calculate a preliminary estimate.

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5. Security Deposit

Once you are ready to go beyond a preliminary estimate to an official quote & design, we require a $250 security deposit. With this $250 retainer we take our kitchen designer responsibility serious and create a full-blown design with blueprints detailing the features and measurements you chose.

Part A:

Get the Preliminary Estimate

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Part B:

Submit the $250 Retainer

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Part C:

Get the Official Quote & Design

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6. Production

Once in the production stage, you can totally relax. You have done your duty; the rest is up to us. Enjoy your custom cabinets becoming reality.

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7. Installation

This step in the custom kitchen designer process is one of the most exciting. We send out our installation team to do the work. You can rest while your space is being transformed.

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8. Final Touches

If there are missing pieces, changes needed, or other problems, we send our team back to make things right. If you are unsatisfied call us @ (888) 365-3891.

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