Custom Office Cabinets

Book Cases and Shelves

Do you need a customized cabinet where your books are nicely displayed, easily accessible, and well organized? MK Designs provides for all your custom cabinet needs, whether large or small and whether complex or simple. All our traditional, transitional, and modern cabinets can be custom designed to fit the unique cabinet needs of your family, as well as the demanding custom needs of your business. Call us for custom cabinets solutions.  

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Built-in Custom Office Cabinets

Do you want permanent and customized office cabinets to bring order and beauty to your home or business? When we build our custom cabinets we consider factors such as space, aesthetics, and efficiency. These built in cabinets can be customized for a corner in the room, a space above your work area, a wall in your house, and for otherwise unlimited possibilities. Built in custom office cabinets provide you with as many solutions as you have needs.

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Filing Cabinets

Are you in need of a filing cabinets that utilizes your space efficiently and arranges your files effectively? No matter where you are, organization is important. We can help you update the physical filing system in both your home and office with our stylish, functional, custom cabinets. Our filing cabinets are customized to accommodate even the most unique and difficult situation. We have filing solutions for even your most unusual office cabinet needs.  

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Free Kitchen Cabinet Brochure

If you are one who likes a paper copy to touch and feel, then we offer Free Catalogs which showcase our work in PA, MD, DE, NJ and NY. Request yours today!

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